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Disney Princess Birthday party

I was hired to make a Birthday Party for a 3 year old girl who wants to be a princess when she grows up and is in love with all of the Disney Princesses. I made a Cupcake Tower with Black Forest cupcakes, decorated with Disney Princesses Cupcake Toppers I made myself. The party was entertained by a Snow White, (who took pictures with the children, which were added to their gift baskets), and her helper (together they made a marionette show for the kids).

Disney Princess Party

The wheather was awful, it rained the entire afternoon, so we were forced to move everything from the park to the room where the parents were chatting. I was worried that the kids would find it boring, but they were so happy! Running around and laughing! Their faces were painted, and they each got one of those large balloons that are turned into flowers, dogs, swords, etc.

Snow White