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Mini-Muffin Christmas Tree

If you are asking yourself why on earth is she making a post on christmas trees in the middle of summer? well, I am updating all the info, blog posts, pictures, etc. I have made since starting Salva un Unicornio to this new blog, since I had problems with my last adress, which was on blogspot, and I discovered wordpress, which I find a million times better!!! So you will find in the next couple of weeks (I hope), tons of pages with dessert, party, wedding and card ideas!

Mini-Muffin Christmas Tree

I have seen some amazing Christmas trees made from cupcakes, muffins, macarons, cookies, brownies, anything you can think of!! So I tried my luck with a Mini-Muffin Christmas Tree which I sold on Christmas, and I found that it wasn’t as easy to do as I thought at first. It actually took me a couple of attempts before I got it right, but I found out, if I want to sell it I must make some sort of package for it, so I created a base, which you can see on cardboard, which doesn’t allow the tree to move, and I wrapped the whole tree with transparent paper and a bow.

Mini-Muffin Christmas Tree

I thought I should also add some of the Pastry Christmas Trees that I have seen as inspiration, so that you have more ideas if you are trying to make one of your own.

A Macaron Tower can be easily converted to a Christmas Tree, if you make the macarons green and red, or green with red fillings. Here is a beautiful Macaron Tower by Little Miss Macaron to inspire you!

Little Miss Macaron 4

A Croquembouche is a tower of Cream Puffs, covered with caramel. It is usually made for Weddings, but here’s one from Grace Kitchen Adventures, who turned it into a Christmas themed tree.


I have seen other Pastry Crhistmas Trees that are small, personilized desserts, like this Christmas Tree Brownie Bites made by Erica, from Erica’s Sweet Tooth. You’ll never guess what’s underneath! She shows how to make them step by step on her blog.

Erica's Sweet Tooth

I think that’s all, but if you find any amazing Pastry Christmas Trees, or have made one of your own, send me the pictures and I would love to add them to this post!


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